Deborah Jean-Baptiste-Samuel
Deborah Jean-Baptiste Samuel

Deborah Jean-Baptiste-Samuel is a versatile creative powerhouse in dramatic performance, and an orator par excellence.

Deborah holds a BA Hons in English and Linguistics, and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations. She earned a Nuffield Fellowship for journalism at Wolfson College, Cambridge University, and a scholarship to Merton College, Oxford University. She has won four journalism awards and now holds the LLB and LEC and is an attorney at law.

Deborah is an icon in the field of oratory, and an integral addition to the cultural landscape of this country. As founder and leader of The Oratory Foundation, her own school, Deborah trains children and teenagers to be fluent in oral expression, dramatic monologues, poetry in performance, public speaking, choral speaking, debating and other creative forms of the spoken word – the art of oratory. For the past twenty one years her Oratory performances have captivated sold-out audiences at the annual series staged at Naparima Bowl. This year 2017, Deborah has already staged Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and “Shakespeare – Bard Like That 2” and will later this year stage Oratory 22. Over the years she has also held several Christmas and Easter productions.

During the past twenty one years of her performing career Deborah has delivered dramatic performances in Caribbean islands such as Barbados and Dominica, and to international audiences in Washington DC, Montreal, Quebec and Cambridge.

Deborah is the author of nine books, the most recent being “Outpouring of Oratory” and “Lush Layers”. She has also produced several DVD’s, recording her oratory performances.